10 November 2007

Pittsboro's Big Day (1907)

Chatham RECORD, "Local Records", 1907 MAR 14:
The height of human happiness is experienced by a child (and some grown folks) at a circus, and there will be many a happy one here next Tuesday enjoying Sparks' Shows.
Chatham RECORD, "Local Records", 1907 MAR 21:
A fairly large crowd for this season of the year witnessed the afternoon and night performances of Sparks' show here on last Tuesday. A special train brought the circus here at 3 o'clock in the morning, and at 12:30 the street parade took place, the chief attractions of which were the elephants and the ponies. All who attended the show seemed well pleased.

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tommy yum said...

I'm sorry there wasn't more in-depth coverage of "Panhandle Pete and his Comedy Mules." The entertainment of the Comedy Mule is poised for a comeback.