10 September 2007

Maps and Plats of Chatham

[This page collects references to maps and plat drawings of interest in this blog's studies. Plat drawings are PDF's borrowed from the Chatham County Register of Deeds database.]

[Plat_1_40], or Plat Book 1, Page 40: "Map Showing Boundary Lines of the Town of Pittsboro, N.C." A survey done by George Love, 1937.

[Plat_1_56], or Plat Book 1, Page 56: "Map of Pittsboro." A map drawn by surveyor R.B. Clegg [1890?].

[Plat_1_79], or Plat Book 1, Page 79: "Map of G.W. Blair's Farm, Pittsboro, NC, Surveyed Dec. 1943." Shows area now occupied by Central Carolina Community College and the soon-to-be Moore's Ridge development. Otherwise known among rabbits as "The West Pittsboro Delta" for the way US highways 87, 64 Bypass and 64 Business enclose it.

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