21 August 2007

The Rabbit's Bookshelf

[This page collects bibliographic entries of books that the Rabbit uses and references, which deal directly with the history of Chatham County. The two-letter abbreviation that precedes each entry may appear in the text of posts as a shorthand reference linked to the entry on this page. This post will be updated on an ongoing basis, taking the form of a running bibliography.]

[CC] Hadley, Wade Hampton, Doris Goerch Horton and Neil Craig Strowd. Chatham County, 1771-1971. Lillington, North Carolina: Edwards Brothers, Inc., 1976.

[AH] Osborn, Rachel and Ruth Selden-Sturgill. The Architectural Heritage of Chatham County, North Carolina. Edited by Marjorie Ruth Hudson and Rachel Osborn. Pittsboro, North Carolina: The Chatham County Historic Architecture Committee, 1991.

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