26 August 2007

The Monument: Chatham's Confederate Soldier

[Update August 20, 2017 -- A fourth part has been added, The Monument 4: Removal.]
Last week, a notable Chatham centennial came and went, as far as I know, with little or no fanfare. Thursday, August 23, marked the hundred-year anniversary of the unveiling of the Confederate memorial that stands in front of the Chatham Courthouse. The dedication ceremony represented probably the last sizable reunion of the county's Confederate veterans. The Rabbit has for some time planned a series of posts to mark the event, explain the origins of the monument, and discuss it as a symbol. But personal matters made posting difficult last week.

Here, then, is the Rabbit's Confederate memorial series, which consists of three parts and relies mostly on accounts from the Chatham RECORD.

The Monument 1: Project. Discusses the efforts primarily of the Londons, Henry and Bettie, to raise funds for the monument (posted August 26, 2007).

The Monument 2: Event. Chronicles the event of the monument's unveiling (posted August 29, 2007).

The Monument 3: Symbol. Discusses the defacement of the monument just after its unveiling, and the symbolism of Chatham's and other Confederate monuments over the years (posted September 3, 2007).

Who Defaced the Chatham Confederate Monument?. Follows up on "Monument 3: Symbol" with comments based on correspondence with readers (posted September 10, 2007).

The Monument 4: Removal. Updates the story in the context of national debate surrounding Confederate monuments, following hateful and violent actions by white supremacists groups and individuals (posted August 20, 2017).

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